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Gaspar's Best Zinc 20mg (as Monomethionine)

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Highly Absorbable Immune System Support

What You Need To Know:

Your body doesn’t naturally store zinc. Many people get enough zinc from their diet (red meat, poultry, oysters, some fortified cereals), but many are still deficient to the point that supplementation is required or recommended as a backup. Most commonly, zinc is associated with the effectiveness of your immune system. The body requires zinc to create T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell that helps your body fend off infections. Zinc is also associated with hair and skin health, as well as reproductive health, particularly for men. These tablets supply zinc as monomethionine, an organic compound which has been shown in numerous studies to be better absorbed, retained longer, and be more effective than other forms of zinc.

Vegetarians and pregnant women are susceptible to zinc deficiencies. If you feel like you get colds frequently (or pneumonia), you could have low zinc levels. In more severe cases, hair loss can be associated with zinc deficiencies. Zinc also helps with a male’s ability to produce testosterone and can sometimes be part of the cause of erectile dysfunction. In cases of hair loss or ED, there are many potential root causes, so it is important to undergo tests or speak with a professional to diagnose the root cause of the condition.

Allergy Information:

This product contains NO sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Product Label and Facts:

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1 tablet contain:

Zinc (as monomethionine) 20 mg
Other ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, vegetable stearin, cellulse gum, magnesium stearate, and silica


Detailed Description:

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Supplements Disclaimer:

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