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Gaspar's Best Bone and Joint Support

Bone Support

Once you reach the age of 40, it's common for your doctor to begin checking your bone density. Bone density is a particular concern for women as you age. A typical bone density test will report back something called a "T-score". You should review your score with your doctor. If your doctor recommends you begin taking supplements to improve your bone density, you'll likely hear about calcium and vitamin D. Of course, dietary supplements are supplementary to your diet and exercise. Eating leafy greens and weight-bearing exercise will helpimprove your bone density. If you need additional support, our supplements below are a great place to start.

Joint Support

As we age, many people experience arthritis or other types of joint pain. John Bellitti, the owner and pharmacist at our affiliated pharmacy (HB Pharmacy), had back surgery when he was younger for a herniated disc in his back. Injuries like this and other types of inflammation (like arthritis) can prevent you from having a fully active and healthy lifestyle. John has been taking our Curcumin Complex (listed below) and it has helped reduce the inflammation he experiences when trying to exercise and stay healthy. Healthier joints mean a healthier and more active you. Click below to explore the high quality supplements we offer.